Educational Institutions and Insurance Solutions

The number of private education institutions is increasing day by day in parallel with the rate of the young population and the increasing needs at the levels of preschool, primary education, high school and university.

This also diversifies parent/customer expectations/satisfaction and increases the competitiveness of the market.

Institutions that include many different arts and sports activities aside from education, grow physically and, so, they are exposed to varying risks.

The education sector, which has to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, simultaneously needs a comprehensive risk management system and insurance consultancy.


Our Insurance Solutions


  • Acquisitions & mergers and investments
  • Employee/student health and safety
  • 3rd party financial liability
  • Environmental risks
  • Natural disasters and fires
  • Loan risks
  • Health
  • Life
  • Ferdi Kaza


Our Experience

As Telesure Insurance, we have significant amount of knowledge and expert staff in this highly sensitive and versatile field in our country and in different countries.

We use our expertise to protect the interests of your business and our country’s youth by regularly following the changing laws, regulations and sectoral expectations.


Our Telematrix ® Program

Telematrix is a “Risk Management System” managed through software tailored to our company.

A comprehensive insurance policy covers your financial losses in case of a risk.  This is a “Necessary Condition” that provides strategic future assurance for your business. You can achieve the “Sufficient Condition” only with a “Risk Management” program that is designed and implemented correctly.