Effective Insurance Solutions All Over the World

With 500 offices and 25,000 industry professionals globally, we meet the insurance needs of our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and offer risk management and insurance consultancy, claims and operations management services. We are able to respond to both local and global insurance needs of our customers in different geographies where they operate. We strive to create a continuous service network by providing reinsurance support to these markets when necessary.

Power of Experience

With more than 30 years of experience, we produce unique and effective solutions for different needs in all industries.

Power of Human Resources

We ensure highest level of customer satisfaction with our specialized and well-equipped team supported by continuous training.

Power of Network

In addition to our local network, with which we constantly update our close relations, we offer services in more than 160 countries thanks to our global network.

Corporate Services

Our expertise in identifying how business activities or industry-specific issues of our corporate clients turn into risks allows us to provide innovative solutions that help our clients manage the risks they are exposed to.

Individual Services

It is thanks to the deep and strong bonds we have established with all insurance companies over the years that we can provide close support to our individual customers and the most suitable content and conditions in the policies that we issue for them, especially in the post-claims process.


An insurance policy covers your financial losses in case of a risk. This is a “Necessary Condition” that provides strategic future assurance for your business. You can achieve the “Sufficient Condition” only with a “Risk Management” program that is designed and implemented correctly.

Telematrix®, is a “Risk Management System” managed through software tailored to our company.

  • Risk Analysis
  • GAP Analysis
  • Crisis Management and Communication
  • Business Recovery Plans
  • Holistic Impact Analysis
  • Preventive Actions Analysis
  • Reporting