Commercial Business

Our Corporate Services are provided by a professional team equipped with extensive sectorial expertise, and are performed in a variety of business fields across a wide range of sectors, from automotive to logistics, construction and financial services.

1) Risk Management: Every element affecting profitability, the fundamental basis of your corporation’s existence, is a risk factor. This is a recommendation report in which we combine the various stages, beginning from the creation of the Telesure, “the risk map” identification stage, when we produce damage estimates and scenarios, and after that the action plan prepared for risk control, with the final stage: financing of the risk.

2) Determination of the Insurance Program: We determine all of your Corporation’s insurance needs, and prepare a special insurance program for you, in consideration of the best-fit prices and conditions offered by the insurance companies selected in line with your preferences.

3) Operation Management: On your behalf, we manage, continuously and uninterruptedly, the offers and insurance policies issuance stage and the next operation and reporting process.

4) Damage Management: The entire process, from the occurrence of your damage to the collection process, is managed and resolved in the fastest way possible by our professional team.