Our Values

We are driven by the following values. These values guide every aspect of our business:

Innovation: Innovation – thinking out the box - is our compass. It steers our course and defines us.

Collaboration: We wouldn’t be who we are without our partners and suppliers. We know this, understand this, and value all of our relationships.

Pride: We are proud of the work we do. We are proud to be different. Proud to be pioneers. We are proud of our people and processes.

Passion: Our passion lies in exceeding our customer’s expectations by providing a service and product offering that is simple and cost effective.

Our Vision

Our slogan –“The 1st and last place” – defines us.

Telesure Sigorta is:

The 1st and last place .... our customers prefer to shop.

The 1st and last place .... our employees want to work.

The 1st and last place .... our partners and suppliers want to partner with.

The 1st and last place .... our Shareholders want to invest.